By Steven Barket
Las Vegas, Nevada

Dealing with Dr. Daniel Orr led to an unexpected 6-year trial of pain and suffering. And it’s not over yet. Not by a long shot.

I shouldn’t have had to worry about rolling the dice with Dr. Daniel Orr. It shouldn’t have been a situation where I was faced with the luck of the draw. But that’s exactly the way I feel after having been subjected to his “care”. Perhaps I should have picked up some clues on that from his website ( Note the dice, skull, crossed hypodermic needles and Ace/King playing cards there. I guess I should have known. Any character who’s got the kind of credentials he apparently has with that kind of professional projection on his website can’t be playing with a full deck … just my opinion.

The scariest part about it is that he teaches students. If he’s taught them to perform their work like he treated me, there’s a world of hurt about to descend upon some dental patients.