When it comes to “practicing medicine,” the most skilled doctors are able to blend science and art into the most beneficial treatment possible for the patient.

Well, I think in the case of my treatment at the hands of Dr. Daniel Orr, D.D.S., M.S. (Anesth.), Ph.D., J.D., M.D., science was thrown out the window and the art of treating a patient transitioned into voodoo or witchcraft or something – at least in my opinion. (Check out his website here and you’ll see what I mean: Dr. Daniel Orr.) There was definitely a lot of “practicing” going on with me, because nothing turned out right.

Follow me now, please – would you trust a doctor who took the old-school, trusted, panoramic X-rays, and then didn’t even really refer to them when he pointed out the locations in my mouth where he proposed placing my implants? While I was reclining in the dental chair and he had his hands in my mouth and no X-rays for reference anywhere, he said, “I think I’ll put them here, here, here, here and here,” as he went across my gums.

So I looked at the long, impressive list of credentials by Dr. Orr, and thought, “OK, this is finally my chance to make this right – to get my mouth back to fully functioning and as close to normal with natural teeth in them as I could get.” I figured that this was a pretty accomplished guy, and if anyone could do it, he could.

Couldn’t have been more wrong.

I guess I should have gotten a clue from his website, which borders on the bizarre. Take a look at the primary graphics:


Interesting, isn’t it? With all the skull and cross bones graphics, dice, syringes and playing cards … an interesting look for dentist, don’t you think? Like I said — voodoo.

And in addition to that long list of educational degrees he’s earned, he also is a professor and Director of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Advanced Pain Control at the UNLV School of Dental Medicine. He’s teaching students how to practice like him!

Here’s the thing. Not much about my mouth is right. Every implant Dr. Orr placed in my mouth failed and had to be extracted except one. And that one has been sunk into my jaw at such an angle that four other dentists here in the Las Vegas area have been unable to put a crown on it. Just check out the image at the top of this website to see what my mouth actually looks like. It’s not pretty. And it’s painful. Very painful. You wouldn’t believe the headaches I get because of the treatment I’ve gotten from Dr. Orr. And my attempts to get him to address my issues have fallen on deaf ears. So that’s why this blog.

People need to know before they make a decision to go to his practice.